"THE COSTUME DEPARTMENT" Series of seminars

An In Depth Examination of the Costume Department for Feature Film, Television and Commercials

Brenda Shenher has spent 18 years in the Costume Department with the last twelve spent working as a Designer throughout Canada, the Untied States and Europe.

Shenher has a great passion for her craft’s contribution to the art of Filmmaking and as an Educator seeks to inspire others to join her in this exciting field. Shenher has amassed years of problem solving knowledge, transferable skill sets and practical solutions to many of the challenges found in the Costume Department on a Film Production and her objective is to share her hard won insights.


This Seminar is comprised of an “Overview of the Costume Department” in one 8 hour session with the following curriculum:


Shenher also offers the following intensive and specific “Costume Department Job Description Enhancement” Seminars, each 4 hours in length:

  1. Costume Designer, Assistant Designer/Coordinator
  2. Costume Supervisor – Set and Shop
  3. Set Costumer/Truck Costumer – Basic Cutting and Sewing
  4. Extras and Special Skills Costuming
  5. Costume Production Assistants
  6. Buyer/Stylist
  7. Breakdown, Ageing, Dying and Blood Artistry


Shenher also offers the following 4 hour Seminar for Producers, Directors and UPMs:

"How to Achieve Your Vision – Collaborating with Creative Department Heads"

Shenher also offers the following 4 hour Seminar for Producers, Directors and UPMs:

"How to Costume Design In A Digital Age" A Seminar specializing in Costuming for cameras using the HD capture format such as: The Red Series, the Sony Series and the Arri Alexa Series.


Brenda Shenher is also available for consulting. The consulting details and requirements for each person is so uniquely personal and customizable that they require contact and discussion. Please feel free to review this website for details and items you may be interested in and then contact Brenda directly.